Data Mining, Data Acquisition & Analysis We use the latest web applications for data mining to produce dynamic content!

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    Data Mining techniques, increase your revenues and reduce operational costs

    Data Mining - is the process that attempts to discover patterns in large data sets. It utilizes methods at the intersection of artificial intelligence, machine learning, statistics, and database systems. The overall goal of the data mining process is to extract information from a data set and transform it into an understandable structure for further use

    Web Data Extraction, Live Data Sets, Automate Data Transfer for small business! We have developed web extraction software for data mining techniques to embed in your website. Analyze data and looks for patterns for many uses. See how the big box companies do it!

    Utilizing live data collection techniques to deliver dynamic contents (websites, digital signage and other digital marketing).

  • Mini Muti-Touch Workstation - $999.00

    Windows 8 is here! Tactical Moves has developed the perfect Windows 8, Multi-Touch system for your workstation.

    Muti-Touch Monitor! 23 inch muti-touch monitor mounts to the space saving desktop case.

    Intel Inside! Features Intel motherboard, i3 processor, 128gb SSD, 4gb RAM, HDMI out with audio, gigabit LAN.

    Space Saving Design! Keyboard and mouse, NOT Required!

  • IT Assessment! $189.00 till December 31, 2012

    To allow our customers take full advantage of our IT expertise, Tactical-Moves offers IT Assessment service. IT Assessment is an evaluation of your company's current technology systems and set up and their relevance to the needs and specifics of your business.

    The assessment will appraise how the technology helps or hinders the core business, its cost efficiency and potential and recommend how to use technology to meet the business objectives. The assessment can include, but is not limited to, network and systems performance, software audits, strategic evaluations, technical reviews, compliance, risk and data management, web presence evaluation.

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Small Business Data Mining, Data Acquisition

  • Dynamic Content - Web page produced at point of entry
  • Decisions based on facts -
  • artificial intelligence - It utilizes methods at the intersection of artificial intelligence
  • Automate Data Transfer - Web Data Extraction, Live Data Sets, Automate Data Transfer for small business!
  • Generate Leads - Connect with potential client through search engines.
  • Estimated ROI - Typical return on investment for this project is 3-6 months

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  • Data mining, web extraction - can be used with business website, e-commerce web development project or on for e-bay store and craigslist. Dynamic content delivered at point of entry. Capture detailed information that can be utilized. Send an enticing message on the fly. These technics have been proven to work for the big box stores. Tactical-Moves has developed a low cost data mining business solution for your website or e-commerce store

  • Database Management -

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