E-INVOICE, web based electronic invoice is a free cloud web application Create your custom invoice on the go, desktop, IPad, tablet or phone

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    Small Business E-Invoice, Invoice, Estimates and receipts in seconds- FREE

    Cloud based invoice system! Cloud based invoice system means you can access your invoices from anywhere and will follow you wherever you go.

    Access anywhere! Access your invoices from many devices such as mobile phones, tablets notebooks or desktops

    Web Database Client database, billing information, products and services all located from a single location in the cloud. Information is entered once! We also integrate credit card solution right into the invoice if you like. Client clicks and sends them to pay by credit card using PayPal or other merchant accounts. After payment is made client is brought to a thank you page on your website showing your promotions. Imagine before you even get back to the office your client has already paid in full!

    Website Integration Client fills out your contact form on your website. Name address, phone and email automatically populate client to invoice database.

    Website design and web Development We do not just make good looking websites. Our website work hard at keeping your business moving forward.

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    IT Assessment! $189.00 till July 30th, 2013

    To allow our customers take full advantage of our IT expertise, Tactical-Moves offers IT Assessment service. IT Assessment for small business is an evaluation of your company's current technology systems and set up and their relevance to the needs and specifics of your business.

    The assessment will appraise how the technology helps or hinders the core business, its cost efficiency and potential and recommend how to use technology to meet the business objectives. The assessment can include, but is not limited to, network and systems performance, software audits, strategic evaluations, technical reviews, compliance, risk and data management, web presence evaluation.

Small Business web based Invoicing System

  • Estimate - Create an estimate, print or e-mail. Convert to Word doc., Excel, or PDF
  • Invoice - Convert an estimate to an invoice and e-mail with payment solutions
  • Receipt - Convert your invoice on the fly to a reciept and e-mail it off
  • Secure Login - Your information is secure and allows user accounts.
  • Friendly Interface - The touch interface is the same across all platforms
  • Biller Information - Type it once and all done. Have as many as you like with logos
  • Website Contact Form - Website contact form data populates your invoice database
  • Client Information - Type it once and all done, beauty of database
  • Products, Services - Easy to use drop down list with or with out details
  • Touch Ready - Big buttons, drop down list for easy access
  • Generate Report ! - Run detailed report by client, sales, or products sold
  • Credit Card Integration - Integrate credit card solutions, click and paid
  • Office Solution - Your office is anywhere you are. Web based back-office
  • Website Integration - Website solution integrates form field to populate client database

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    Convert an estimate to an Invoice, to a Receipt in seconds. Convert invoice to a word document, excel file or PDF. Click e-mail or print right from the file. One copy is sent to the client and another sent to your office.

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    Reoccurring payments is easy to set-up. Electronic invoice can be scheduled to send to your clients every month or quarterly. How good is that? Once they pay, it's marked off as paid.

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    E-Invoice reports - Reports just got easy and maybe a little fun. Know exactly where you stand each day with your estimate and invoices. Easy reporting tool has many option; Year over year, slales tax info, what's been paid, who's not paid. You will know your good paying clients and who's not in seconds.

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    Industry that utilize E-Invoice, web based invoicing; Professional Industry, Self-Storage, Interior Designers and Contractors to name a few. Cut cost and streamline your business today with E-Invoice, electronic invoicing system!

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    Small business website design and website development solutions incorporate a responsive concept and available web applications.


    IT Assessment

    Maximize your ROI with an IT assessment today! Identification of the critical decisions that need to be addressed and available options.


    Network Design & Deployment

    Small business network design and deployment solutions offers seamless integration between servers, office desktops to mobile platform to the cloud.


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    Capturing and utilizing data and discover patterns in large data sets and deliver dynamic content. Automate data transfer and Data mining solutions!


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    Branding strategy for small business will build a positive image and loyal client following that can demand premium pricing.

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