Network Design & Network Deployment Boston, MA Small Business -Seamless integration between servers, office desktops to mobile platform to the cloud!

Small Business Network Solutions and Network Installation

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    Network Design Streamline

    Business Networking - Tactical-Moves offers a small business seamless integration between servers, office desktops to mobile platform to the cloud. Tactical-Moves designs cost effective IT solutions for business based on your needs. We have the expertise from Microsoft solutions to open source applications to customized software deployment. We specialize in small business turn-key network implementation and will manage the project from beginning to end, including network design, network installation and training for your small business.

    Tactical-Moves have a talented information technology team that can install an affordable network design that is cost effective and easy to deploy. Even a home based office can benefit from our network design service. Download your IT Chcklist today! IT Checklist pdf

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    Network Assessment Integration

    Business Network Design- Protect and secure your business. Access your resources from virtually anywhere. Leverage the power and flexibility of virtualized server or cloud-based servers, leverage a VPN Automated Backup and Collaborating tools.

    Business Network Deployment- Tactical-Moves small business tactical team can help develop your network design in manageable tactical moves. Order your IT Assessmant today and discover the possibilities.

Small Business Network Solutions

  • Server - Server support, Microsoft server solutions, Cloud based server - virtual server solutions
  • Workstation - Microsoft Windows 7 and Windows 8 workstation
  • Network - Secure network design environment that can be accessed from anywhere
  • Wireless Network - Deploy wireless technologies that provide both security and ease of use for your team and clients
  • CRM - Contact relationship management, integrated tools and applications
  • Files and Documents - Safe and secure central file location that can be access from anywhere
  • Printers & Fax - Print server and FAX server that can be access from anywhere. Documents are digitized and accessible
  • E-mail - Safe and secure company e-mail. Exchange servicer for small business
  • Intranet site - Safe and secure company intranet site. Company resources and tools comes together in a simple user interface
  • Offsite staff - Your team will have access to your company intranet and resources from anywhere as if sitting in the office
  • IT Support - Our network solutions needs very little network support. We offer affordable network support that covers all your needs
  • Team Development - HR support, sales support and training is available for our services. HR Solutions
  • Microsoft Solutions Provider - Windows Server, Windows 8 to cloud solutions like Office 365. Microsoft Solutions
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    For small business or home office network - - Generally a small business network has anywhere from 1 to 25 users. Small business network should be easy to manage and scalable to as many as 75 users for future growth. Today small business network include cloud based services. Once the network is deployed it should be able to be managed with very little technical knowledge. Affordable small business and home office network solutions available today.

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    Why a server? - Think security & Redundancy - The server defines how the resources are used and shared. Servers offer sophisticated features, extremely reliable and generally easy to manage. A server is a secure way to store and manage your data and or database. Server administration manages users, software, updates, back-ups, your documents & files, e-mail, printers, faxes and offers excellent redundancy. The server can also host your intranet site that can be utilized for connecting locations, offsite sale staff, meetings, collaborating tools, company communications, notifications and so much more. Streamline your small business today with a server solution today!

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    Intranet site and Internet site - Tactical-Moves has developed web applications for small business that can be customized to fit your needs. Reservation system - Website reservation system is a live interaction with company booking or appointment system or calendar. Web booking and appointment setting We have developed custom web application for your clients to book an appointment on your website in real-time. We offer Microsoft SharePoint and custom intranet solutions. Web Development


    Website Development

    Small business website design and website development solutions incorporate a responsive concept and available web applications.


    IT Assessment

    Ensure optimal deployment of IT assets. Identify and alleviate weaknesses to minimize downtime.


    Data Management

    Capturing and utilizing data and discover patterns in large data sets. Live Data Sets, Web Extraction, Automate Data Transfer


    Business Identity

    A branding strategy is more than a logo, a name or a graphic design, building a brand is a constant and evolutionary process



    Now it's time to get your business marketing plan onto paper and start executing it for maximum results

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