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Affordable Social Media Marketing

Our pricing packages are specifically designed for start-ups and small businesses that don't have a large budget but know they need a presence on the web and social media. Unlike other Social Media Management sites, we show our prices upfront so there are no surprises.

Manage all your Social Media Accounts for just $29.00 a month or our team will do it for you starting at $169.00 per month
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn is important:

  • Facebook - With over 2.9 billion people using Facebook, and being on three out of every four smartfones.
  • Instagram - Instgram, visual social network, is ranked 4th with over 1.3 billion active users in the world
  • LinkedIn - A professional network that allows you to be introduced to and collaborate with other professionals.
  • Google My Business - Post regularly to boost local SEO. Improve your company knowledge panel on Google. Google Post!
  • YouTube - The second largest search engine and over 2.1 billioan users, YouTube must be part of your marketing strategy
  • Pinterest - Fast growing image marketing platform. All retail, construction and many other need to be active on Pinterest.
  • Twitter - 206 million users. Photos and videos, personal updates, chronicling life changes, and sharing interesting links.

Social Media vs. Social Network

Social Network

Social networking is all about engagement - creating relationships, communicating with your readers, building your following and connecting with your online audience.

Social Media

Social media is the media (content) that you upload - whether that's a blog, video, slideshow, podcast, newsletter or an eBook. Consider social media as a one-to-many communication method. Although people can respond and comment, you own the content and have to produce (write/record/create) the media yourself.

Need assitance setting up and cusomizing your social media accounts? Give us a call 617-858-5802

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Social Media Marketing

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