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QR Code Touchless Menus for Restaurants, Cafes and Pubs

Simple, easy and fast for your customers: QR code menus are touchless, making them a far more sanitary choice for your establishment than standard paper or laminated menus. By eliminating shared menus in a post-pandemic world, you are showing your customers that you’re putting their safety and health first. But we anticipate QR code menus will exist long after the immediate threat of the pandemic ends, as they offer a cleaner, safer alternative to dirty, stained menus that have been touched by countless patrons every day.

Get Started, It's Free! - QR Touchless Menu

Free to use with or without the ordering & payment system

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QR Menu -Fast, Easy, Sanitary

Let us develop your QC codes to display on tabletops at your establishment. Patrons simply focus their cameras on the code and instantly gain access to your complete menu right from your website. Each person can still enjoy browsing their own menu with their smart phone, at their leisure, without the need to pass around an unsanitary paper menu.

Here’s what you get with our QR Code Touchless Menu technology:

  • Take-out, Delivery or Dine-In
  • Accept PayPal & Stripe Payments
  • Real-time changes
  • No mobile app required
  • Analytics included

With our Touchless QR Menu, you can provide a link to an online version of your menu that customers can access with their phones and even place an order if you choose that option.


Why Use QR Code Contactless Menus?

The restaurant business is changing fast in the face of these unprecedented times. The latest evolution involves touchless menus, quickly becoming the new normal. Why go touchless?

  • Activate the payment system and accept credit cards
  • Menus are often the top disease vector in a restaurant.
  • Studies show that a restaurant’s menus have 100x more bacteria that their toilet seats do.
  • Gives patrons peace of mind having less contact with shared items that could expose them to disease-causing agents.
  • Prevents the need to print out and maintain costly paper menus.

Your customers can use their own smartphones to browse your offerings without having to physically handle a paper or laminate menu. By offering a free and simple tool to your customers, you’re making this an easy and smooth transition for them.

Developing a touchless menu is not only a simple process, completed in just a few steps, it’s also a smart business decision in challenging times such as these.

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QR Code Touchless Menu

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