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Why Use QR Code Touchless Menus?

Why Use QR Code Touchless Menus?

Why Use QR Code Touchless Menus? Restaurants, Cafes and Pubs

QR Touchless Menu just make good business sense these days. In the interest of public health, the use of QR codes for smart phones is a practice being adopted by many restaurants and bars in the aftermath of COVID-19. Rather than hand out physical copies of a menu to patrons, more and more businesses are opting to post a simple QR code at the table so each person can download and view their own menu right from the website.

Touchless is the new normal. Here’s why:

Reasons for Touchless Menus

As the focus continues to be on keeping customers safe and healthy, the need for touchless menus will become a big selling point for many establishments that used to rely on paper or laminated menus.
Touchless menus...

1. Reduce possible sources of infection

Your traditional paper menus are teeming with bacteria. In fact, they are often the germiest things in any restaurant -- even more so than the toilet. A Good Morning America investigation found that restaurant menus can contain 100 times more bacteria than the toilet seats.

Plastic menus tend to harbor bacteria more so than their paper counterparts, particularly when they get wet. That’s because plastic can't absorb water, which means the moisture sits there until it can evaporate, giving bacteria lots of time to grow.

Studies show traces of E. coli and S. aureus (staph) are often found on menus because they are passed from hand to hand.

Touchless menus give your customers options who may be looking for less contact with shared items that may harbor disease-causing agents.

2. Save on printing costs

You’ll save a lot of money on printing and laminating costs with touchless menus, as the National Restaurant Association is urging restaurants to discard traditional paper menus after every use. So, not only will touchless menus save on operational costs, they will save the environment by cutting back on paper consumption and waste.

3. Allow you to make swift changes to your menu offerings

With paper menus, if you wanted to make a menu change, you had to print out a whole new order every time. This is a costly practice, as well as a time consuming one, as it takes time for the printing company to make them. Now, when you want to make quick decisions about menu items, you are able to execute quickly. Simply update your online menu and that’s what will be reflected to customers when they use the QR code.

4. Provide a new digital marketing approach

Getting customers back in seats has likely been a slow go for you throughout this pandemic. Understanding what consumers expect can give you a serious advantage when it comes to your marketing campaign.

A touchless menu shows you are committed to worker and consumer safety, environmental safety and reduced waste. Use this opportunity to tell your customers what you’re doing to keep them and the environment safe.

5. Guests are in control of their experience.

Help improve table turn times.
Offering a touchless menu with outdoor dining will simplify task and improve the client experience
Touchless menus offer everything at their fingertips, guests don't have to wait for menus anymore

Touchless Menu At A Glance

Update Menu On The Fly, Better Guest Experience, Available 24hrs A Day, Faster Table Turnover, Reduce Cost, Better Data Analytics, Social Proof and Contactless Menus Are Safer For Everyone

As you can see, touchless menus with QR codes can provide many benefits to your business!

QR Code Touchless Menu For Restaurants and cafe

Popular Free Touchless Menu Options

  • 1. QR Code - download menu, customized to match your brand that opens your pdf menu – Fast simple and easy. Not a mobile or responsive menu
  • 2. QR Touchless Menu – Full blown digital menu system with images and descriptions. Some systems have many options that allows for ordering, in-house, takeout or from home. Mobile optimized customizable digital menu platform that your customers can use from home or on premise.

Where to place your QR Code - Sandwich board out front of your restaurant, bar or club, At the door, on print materials, on website, on each table with stand, table tent or stick on table, on menus and on coasters. You can be creative!

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Importance of Digital Marketing for Restaurants

Importance Digital Marketing
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For some restaurants, COVID ushered in the digital era.

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