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Turn Free WiFi Hotspots into Powerful Marketing


Harness the Power of WiFi Hotspots

From retail stores to restaurants to hotels, many venues offer access to the Internet via their WiFi network. This provides a wireless connection for free, whereby customers sign-in and give brick-and-mortar companies an opportunity to target them with WiFi marketing. But unlike online retailers, physical venues don't have direct access to cost-effective digital marketing and analytics tools. This is where social WiFi comes in, giving them the opportunity to access the same tools as their e-commerce cousins so as to capture customer demographics.

Customers have long been able to sign in to a store's WiFi network with their smart phones. But there's a lot more potential to tap into here on the part of the retailers. Now, they can set up their network with a sign-in splash page that asks customers to connect to the hotspot via their social media accounts.

The process of signing in through a social network is called social WiFi - one of the most powerful options a retailer can offer for the most cost-effective and highly targeted digital marketing possible.


Benefits of Social WiFi

Auto-Pilot Campaigns via Text, Mobile Wallet and E-mail

WiFi social media marketing improves a business' ability to connect with and understand their customers. As a business owner, you can collect demographic and behavioral data, increase customer engagement, and market to your visitors, which in turn increases sales. With social WiFi, you can:

  • Increase your branding presence: Stay top of mind through digital marketing, text and email campaigns. Ask customers to like your social media accounts to increase engagement.
  • Grow your CRM: Add customer names, contact information, behavioral, and demographic data to your user database, then grow that database to thousands of customers.
  • Send auto-pilot marketing campaigns: Do this by text or email with Mobile Deals, Reviews and more.
  • Understand how locations influence each other, determining whether you have customers who visit one or multiple locations. You can also cross-promote venues by offering incentives for customers at one location to visit another.

Mobile Wallet and Geofencing

A mobile wallet is just what it sounds like: a "wallet" that lives in your mobile device rather than in your back pocket or purse. Mobile wallets provide a convenient way to pay for goods and services with a smartphone, smartwatch or other compatible device such as a tablet. It manages all your credit cards, loyalty club memberships and reward cards, all while helping to reduce fraud.

Mobile wallets use NFC (near field communications) to transmit information from a mobile device to a payment reader. This technology allows smartphones and payment devices to talk to each other wirelessly. There are three top reasons why enabling mobile wallet payments is a smart move for you as a business owner: security, speed, and convenience. NFC transactions take just seconds to complete, helping you to drastically reduce customer wait times at checkout.

  • Allows businesses to establish a presence in the digital space through image, content and social interactions.
  • Ensures the plan appeals to your business' target market.
  • Utilizes a combination of strategies to stand out from the crowd.

Using geofencing and proximity marketing, you can target the customers you want to reach with our safe, secure mobile wallet offering.

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