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Touchless Loyalty Programs With Geofencing & Text Marketing

Boost Customer Retention & Brand Loyalty with Loyalty Programs

Loyalty Programs Entice Customers To Spend More Money

Finding the perfect balance between rewarding your most loyal customers while also staying cost-effective can be a challenge. Loyal customers are invaluable and reward systems can be key drivers in not only attracting new customers, but also retaining existing ones. The appeal of the restaurant industry is its ability to offer variety. The customer can explore different cuisines, flavors, and atmospheres to find what they like best. These programs entice customers to spend more money in restaurants by offering discounts or other incentives for return visits.

Categories of Loyalty Programs

Restaurant Loyalty Programs can also fall under two categories which are incentive and recognition programs. Incentive programs focus on the return of a customer while recognition focuses on increasing brand loyalty and awareness.

What You Need for Your Loyalty Programs to Become a Success

To motivate customers, restaurant loyalty programs must be simple for both the owner and the consumer. The best way to accomplish this is through the use of touchless loyalty programs, geofencing and text marketing, and custom landing pages.

Touchless Loyalty Program

Using NFC technology on smartphones allows your restaurant to promote new products or services with targeted advertising without requiring customers to download apps or register for a new account. When a customer purchases an item, they simply tap their phone on the NFC reader and receive the promotion or reward.

With touchless technology, customers can simply provide their phone number at your restaurant to be rewarded with discounts or deals. Customers then receive special offers that can be redeemed by showing a unique QR code that is linked to their account. Touchless programs cut out the need for coupons, punch cards, and flyers to be distributed. This means no more forgetting to collect stamps or losing cards in your wallet.

Geofencing and Text marketing

Geofencing is an effective way of advertising that uses GPS technology on a smartphone or tablet to set up virtual boundaries around your restaurant locations. This allows you to push out promotions or coupons when someone enters one of these areas, for example upon entering the parking lot. Not only will this allow you to target customers with offers, but also remind them about your location and services if they happen to be in the vicinity.

Custom Landing Pages

The appearance of the apps menu on smartphones is another way to provide an extra layer of customization for your restaurant's customers. Giving the customer easy access to exclusive deals, promotions or other information at their fingertips is an extremely effective way to retain loyalty and increase sales.

How will Loyalty Programs Help You?

Restaurant loyalty programs provide benefits to both the restaurant and the customer which include: increased brand awareness, broadening clientele base, building long-term revenue streams, and creating a competitive advantage over other brands.

Benefits of Digital Loyalty Rewards Programs and Why You Need One

Customer Retention

A customer retention strategy creates advocates out of first-time buyers. When people come across a new brand, they often search for information about it online to decide whether or not the product will be worth their money. The more that people read into your restaurant's history and mission statement, the more likely they are to feel connected with the business in some way. This makes them more likely to return for future purchases.

Increase in Sales

Loyalty programs allow restaurants to collect information about their customers' eating habits so that they can pinpoint the most popular items on the menu. By understanding what is selling, restaurants can adjust prices accordingly which will often result in increased revenue. Customers are more likely to spend more money when they are getting a deal, especially when they believe that the discounted price still represents value.

Digital Marketing For Resaturants

Increased Brand Awareness

Much like any other business, restaurants want to increase their presence in their local community which means becoming more visible to potential customers. By offering incentives to frequent buyers, restaurants can create brand awareness and loyalty through referral marketing. Customers are more likely to go out for dinner during their usual routine if they know there is a chance that they may receive something in return, even if it's only savings on the cost of one meal.

Let us Help You Create an NFC Loyalty Platform That Works for You

If you're running any sort of restaurant or cafe business, then it's important to consider implementing a loyalty program for your customers. Building loyalty programs might be a challenge to you.

We can help you develop an effective strategy that can boost brand awareness and increase customer retention in no time at all and an NFC loyalty platform.

We Offer Full Control & Customization

A big part of building a successful loyalty program is making it unique to your brand. You should be able to use different branding and messaging across all digital touchpoints. With our modular approach, it's simple to build a fully customized loyalty program, from the sign-up process to earning and redemption.

With our flexible customization options, you can easily create custom rules for what your customers need to do to earn points when they expire, and how many they have at any given time.

Reputation Management

In addition to building a loyalty program that fits your unique business goals, we can help you grow your reputation by sharing the best practices in managing customer feedback.

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