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How Do Landing Pages Boost Local SEO?

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A landing page is essentially a web page that attracts customers in your local market using location-specific keywords and SEO strategies. Thus, the content that appears on this page should be geared toward the geographical area of your business. Landing pages form the backbone of your local SEO strategy, and are extremely important if you want to lure customers near you that are looking for what you sell or offer.

Furthermore, they help to convert customers who are engaging in local searches; in other words: people who are highly motivated to contact you and buy right now. Did you know that nearly 20 percent of local smart phone searches result in a purchase within one day? Compare that to just seven percent of non-local searches that converted during the same time period.

Local landing pages pack yet another punch: they carry more authority for local searches. That’s where Google’s local three-pack comes in, displaying the top three names and contact information of businesses near you that meet your search requirements.

Landing pages also:

  • Provide a platform to publish unique content about your area, designed to attract links from relevant sources and generate traffic (think customized menus, special events, etc.)
  • Increase lead generation opportunities through news sites, local blogs, and vacation guides that link to a local page, helping you rank higher for searches in your area.

If you have a brick and mortar business with multiple locations, you need to have local landing pages for each of those locations in order for this to work. Landing pages work with your Google My Business local listing. City pages are created for each location and added to each location in Google My Business

Start With Keyword Research

In order to integrate landing pages into your local SEO strategy, you need to conduct localized keyword research. An example of a localized search is “car rentals nearby.” Because Google knows where the searcher is, and they know what businesses are in the area, they can suggest the top companies who may fit the description.

However, what if you’re in one location, say Boston MA, but are planning to visit Las Vegas? You will want to put a location indication on that search with “car rentals Las Vegas” or “car rentals Las Vegas Airport.”

As a business looking to incorporate keywords, you have to know your audience and what they’re searching for. Once you come up with a list of keywords, now you have to settle on your most valuable keyword -- preferably one with high search volumes and low competition.

Alter Your Website and URL Structure

Each local landing page you have created should target one location, with each of those locations getting its own URL. You’ll also want to make it easy to navigate those pages, so it’s wise to add a “Service Area” or “Location” drop down menu at the top so people can easily find you. Place your keywords in title tags and meta descriptions, as well as in your headers.

Create Local Content

The content you place on each landing page should be unique to that one city or town. Add in some stats on the area, attractions, what it’s known for, population, local landmarks, tips and tricks, directions, parking details, etc. Make sure each page has a map to your location, with photos and videos of that location. Testimonials and reviews are also a good idea. Showcase projects you have completed in that area. Pepper the geo tags and keywords into the content itself in a natural way. The more keywords you add, the better chance it will get picked up in local search.

Very important note: each landing page for each town or city has to be unique, or you will get penalized by Google.

As a busy business owner, you may not have time to craft your own local SEO strategy complete with landing pages for every one of your locations. But we do!

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Do not forget to include local listings and citations in your local marketing plan.

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