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How great would it be to have all the components of a great marketing campaign for your small business boiled down to three easy steps? It’s time you heard about SoLoMo.

What Is SoLoMo?

SoLoMo is the answer to your small business’s marketing woes. It’s the combination of the three key components to a great marketing strategy:

  • Social Media
  • Local SEO
  • Mobile Optimization

By focusing on these three areas of marketing, you’ll see your business take off. It’s all about implementing them in the right order and for the right reasons.

The SoLoMo Process

To properly implement SoLoMo in your business, you simply follow the three steps:

  • 1. Optimize for mobile users.
  • 2. Boost your local SEO.
  • 3. Increase your social media presence.

Here’s how it works:

Mobile Optimization

Did you know more people in the world own a smartphone than own a toothbrush? And 47% of smartphone users say they couldn’t live without their device. Even more telling: 70% of web traffic is happening on mobile devices.

See why mobile optimization is step one? To reach the most people in the least amount of time, optimizing for mobile users is crucial. And the main reason is that’s where the money is. Customers are making their purchases from their mobile devices. In fact, more than 40% of online transactions are happening on mobile devices.

Think about your own habits. Where do you make your purchases? Do you pull out your computer and go through the process of logging in, pulling up a browser, typing in a website, hoping you remember your log-in information, all to make a simple purchase? No! Chances are you pull out your phone and in a couple of taps, you have a package on its way to your doorstep.

Just like you are using your phone for your purchases, so are your customers. If you want to grab the most traffic and find more customers, you need to turn to mobile devices.

Local SEO

Think about the last time you wanted to find a new restaurant or a new store to visit. You probably looked up some variation of “[store] near me” or “[store] nearby.” Your goal is to shop locally and not have to drive for an hour if you can help it. It’s the same for your customers.

Approximately 28% of all searches are looking for something close by. Of those searches, around 76% of them will result in a customer visiting the store that pops up within the next 24 hours. And since 2017, mobile searches for “store open near me” or a similar variation have grown by over 250%.

This all boils down to one simple statement: customers want to stay close to home.

So, how do you grab that local traffic? By implementing a strong local SEO marketing strategy. Including locally-targeted keywords and geographic information for your business as much as you can will help you rank higher in local searches. As you show up higher in search results, your reputation grows and customers will have more trust in you. This will lead to them stopping in, shopping with you, and your revenue growing.

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Social Media Marketing

The final piece of the SoLoMo puzzle is social media. While many of us love social media to low key stalk our favorite influencers or keep tabs on what our family members are doing these days, social media marketing is also an important facet of a business’s marketing strategy.

Today, around 52% of brand discovery is happening through social media channels. Of the users on social media, 27% say they find new products and brands through the paid social media ads they see.

By combining these three areas of marketing, topped off by that social media interaction, your small business can grow faster and bigger. But getting started can feel overwhelming. If you’re looking at this three-step system and thinking “What time do I actually have to do all of this?” then you’re in luck. Digital marketing agencies like Tactical Moves can provide the expertise you need to get your SoLoMo in motion and get you hitting those goals you’ve set for your business.

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