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Small Business Tips on Social Media Marketing & Management

Marketing Your Business on Social Media Boston, MA

Knowing how to effectively market your business on social media allows you to not only increase sales but promote your brand at the same time. Social media marketing is cheap to implement yet you can reach more people across various platforms than through traditional marketing approaches. The key to attracting a wider audience through social media is by putting out consistent, quality content.

This is why you need a social media presence. It’s an effective tool to learn more about your audience while connecting with individuals in an online space. Social media is largely organic, meaning it can be a cost-free way to promote your business’ products and services by fostering trust.

Social Media Marketing: Defined

Whether you choose to be on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, or LinkedIn, you need to come up with a robust plan and carry it through. That’s because your customers expect to see engaging, shareable content from you as well as the ability to communicate with you at any time through these platforms. Discover social media management .

When you have a professional driving your social media marketing, you are doing your part to humanize your brand while directing traffic to your website. When done right, you will be generating leads and sales left and right while boosting brand awareness. Once people trust you and your services, they are (usually) with you for life. You have to treat them well and resolve their issues promptly.

Marketing Your Small Business on Social Media

If you’re unfamiliar with using the various platforms, take a beat to learn about the ones you’re uncomfortable with. Partner with an online marketer who can guide you in your social media campaigns to ensure quality and consistency. Check out these tips for promoting your business on social media.

1. Know Your Audience

You don’t have to reach everyone with every message. In fact, this is a big mistake. Instead, identify who your target market is and cater to them for the most effective results. You can pinpoint your target audience by:

  • Compiling data
  • Using social media analytics
  • Keeping an eye on the competition

2. Utilize Multiple Platforms

Now that you know your target audience, think about which social media platforms they use daily. Focusing on one platform can give you tunnel vision and won’t open up all the other possibilities available to you. Instead, choose a few and get on them.

3. Post Regular, Relevant Content

Compelling, engaging content on a consistent basis: this is the key to social media marketing success. You can show your audience you have timely knowledge to share and that ongoing conversations with them are important to you.

4. Interact With Followers

There are many benefits associated with nurtured brands, such as:

  • Social proof of your small business
  • Better brand awareness
  • Expanded market reach
  • Cost efficiency

Use social media as a tool to personally interact with your followers, monitor conversations in real-time and answer any questions anyone may have immediately. You can ask questions, post polls, use GIFs and emojis to stand out, and start discussions via tools such as Instagram Live. Allocate one hour a day to fan interaction and you can’t go wrong.

5. Maintain Professionalism

Even though social media content is generally casual and you want to engage in back and forth banter with your audience, never forget that you are an ambassador for your business. Especially if you’re not in charge of posting yourself and instead delegate this to someone else, create a social media policy that can guide all posts and conversations, including:

  • Clear expectations about what should be posted
  • How to respond to negative posts
  • Platform laws and rules
  • Security protocols
  • Brand considerations

6. Put Quality Over Quantity

You may assume it’s better to post multiple times a day on several platforms. However, your focus should be more on delivering quality, consistent posts rather than quantity. You don’t want your account to be penalized and marked as spam due to frequent low-quality posts. Plus, you don’t want to annoy your followers by bombarding them with posts throughout the day that don’t affect them. Instead, come up with a social media calendar where you can plan your posts in advance and stay organized.

For every piece of content you put out there, as yourself:

  • Does this help my followers?
  • Is it original and unique?
  • Is it actionable, entertaining or inspiring?
  • Have I cited sources to back up my claims

Affordable Social Media Marketing

Here at Tactical-Moves, we can create a social media calendar for you to keep track of posts and can connect you with our writers who can create engaging, quality blogs and social posts. Contact us today to learn more about our social media marketing and management services.

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