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What is an IT Assessment & IT Audit?

The Tactical-Moves team employs highly trained IT experts, who keep abreast with the most advanced, efficient and cost-effective technologies. That cutting-edge knowledge allows us to design innovative solutions that not only bring efficiency and technological harmony to our customers, but also save them money and help increase profits.

To allow our customers take full advantage of our IT expertise, Tactical-Moves offers IT Assessment service. IT Assessment is an evaluation of your company's current technology systems and set up and their relevance to the needs and specifics of your business.

The assessment will appraise how the technology helps or hinders the core business, its cost efficiency and potential and recommend how to use technology to meet the business objectives. The assessment can include, but is not limited to, network and systems performance, software audits, strategic evaluations, technical reviews, compliance, risk and data management, web presence evaluation.

Why You Need It

Having your company's technical set up evaluated by Tactical-Moves' experts has a number of benefits. You will receive the analysis of not just the technical status of your systems, but how effective and appropriate they are for your particular business. Often signing up for deals or bundles offered by various telecom and specialty vendors under the excuse of saving you money, may not be the best deal for your business. Or the services you purchased may carry certain risks that you are unaware of.

For example, it seems to be a smart and economical solution to have your phones tied to your Internet connection. But what happens when your Internet connection is lost due to, say, provider having technical difficulties? Your phones will not be working either. Can your business keep functioning if this happens? Are the cost savings worth the risks? Our assessment report with answer those questions and make appropriate recommendations should any changes be needed.

Technology Audit - consists of survey and assessment of your company's IT equipment, which includes computer workstations, network set up, peripherals (printers, fax machines, etc.). The set-up is evaluated in connection with your business's current needs and objectives. The resulting report identifies weak points and bottlenecks that slow down the daily workflow and hinder smooth functioning of the operation.

Software - survey of all the software installed on the machines, its functionality, and compatibility with the computer systems, other software simultaneously installed and used, and business's needs and objectives. The resulting report determines whether all of the software packages are appropriate for the computer systems used to run them and for the needs of the business. Alternative suggestions are made.

Security - evaluation of the company's data back up and security systems as well as disaster readiness (i.e., possible power surges and outages). Report determines whether the back-up system is efficient and effective enough to prevent data loss, as well as identifies weak points in the protection of data in the event of emergency systems shut down, such as loss of power.

Data Management - assessment of what type of data is collected and its use to benefit and grow the business. The resulting report identifies what data is available and is useful to the functioning and growth of the business and how such data is collected and used in the current set-up. Recommendations are made regarding maximization of data mining opportunities.

Web Presence - evaluation of the company's website, its relevance and functionality, use of available promotional and marketing Internet technologies, Web 2.0 and social media integration, traffic and resulting profits assessment. The report will establish whether the web site reaches its desired audience, its ease of use and functionality. Recommendations are made regarding what improvements can be made to increase the company's web presence, customer reach, and profit generation. web development

What Follows

Once the assessment is complete and you have received the comprehensive and detailed report, we will submit to you a list of proposed solutions. At this point, we will be discussing with you your business goals and priorities and putting together a plan of action that best fits your objectives and budget.

We take the time to research and understand how your business is functioning, operational workflow, the industry's standards and requirements, and growth possibilities. From there, we design all-encompassing, integrated solutions to move your business forward.

Typically, the improvement process is divided into several stages. First stage is most crucial and takes care of the business's most urgent needs. After that, we develop and bring in further developed solutions to advance and expand your business. All subsequent stages are typically paid by the resulting incremental profits or cost savings.

IT Support - We offer IT support and training as a one time charge, pay as you go or fee based service, pay a small monthly fee and get continuous IT support


Tactical-Moves small business tactical team can help develop your IT solutions in manageable tactical moves.

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